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Florida Organic Aquaculture, LLC (FOA) farms all-natural Pacific White Shrimp in one of the most scientifically advanced aquaculture facilities ever built on 122 acres in Indian River County, Florida.


FOA’s management team secured the project’s initial capital by raising $22.3 million in Equity and Debt funding, along with an additional $2.5 million contributed by the CEO and Founder. The rising market trend is in demand for sustainable aquaculture products in a $6.5B industry. The company acquired land and administrative facilities in January, 2013. Construction was completed on the first 180,000sf production building in October, 2014. Since then, additional processing facilities, a nursery, a deep well and a hatchery have all been constructed on site. Construction of the second production building was completed in Q2 of 2016.


FOA uses its own specialized closed-loop, zero-exchange recirculating water aquaculture system. This system retains, continuously monitors and treats the water within the system, virtually eliminating bio-waste or excess food discharge. It also protects the system from intakes of polluted water, prevents fish escapes and thus eliminates all need for antibiotics or chemicals used to combat disease. Recirculating aquaculture is a cleaner, greener, more sustainable method of shrimp production than the open water aquaculture systems; FOA’s system is the most sophisticated of these.


FOA is currently seeking up to $20 million in Capital to build an expanded processing and packaging facility; as well as, 6 more production buildings to increase their output and keep up with the demand for their shrimp.

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