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Fountains of Fellsmere sets a new gold standard for assisted living value in South Florida. Our Concierge Living lifestyle delivers spacious apartments with resort quality amenities and personal service that responds to resident preferences and needs.


Seniors and their adult children take seriously the complicated decision to move out of their homes and into assisted living. After deciding to do so, they have many different and perhaps conflicting desires with generally few genuine options. The choice of the “right facility” for every family nearly always involves trade-offs. Many rational, economic and lifestyle considerations enter the decision dynamics, as do some important emotional concerns. Fountains of Fellsmere strikes just the right balance.


Assisted living industry data confirms solid growth. The business totaled $42.7 billion in 2006, reached $56.3 billion in 2011 and will exceed $79 billion in 2016. Several factors beyond demographics, such as refined operating business models, strong occupancy and higher profit margins help account for assisted living market performance. Annual rent growth in the sector remains a healthy 4-5 percent. Assisted living yields have reached an all-time nationwide record compared to conventional apartments. Asset prices continue to increase to record levels in response to improved operations and increased investor interest.


Fellsmere Florida represents a particularly attractive local market. About 35% of all ALFs in the US are concentrated in California, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Florida is America’s best known retirement destination. Florida leads the nation with counties that have at least 20% of the population who are 65 or older. A professional analysis by ValueTech confirms strong demand for senior housing in our target market area. Between 2006 and 2010, Fellsmere grew 36% within Indian River County which grew 22%.

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